Rob Smith Nature Photography

Born in Hawaii several years before it became a state and soon moved to the Berkshires where I started to enjoy the wonders of Mother Nature. My early memories are wading through streams looking for frogs and snakes and under rocks for crayfish or exploring pastures and flipping cow pies to see what wonders dwelled within. I’ve always been drawn to the open and wild places and still can spend hours in a tide pool.
These influences sparked my interest in art but I never had the patience to get my vision on the media of choice. Photography gave me the detail I wanted and digital photography has allowed the artistic control,,, the best of both worlds.
I eventually attended schools for Art and Science and Photography only to discover I had no desire to be a commercial artist or photographer. At that time I started to dabble in furniture making and while working between school at my father’s lumber yard I became interested in building. This led to a job at Shaker Village as a restoration carpenter and then as a carpenter at North Branch Construction in New Hampshire. Quickly I worked up through the ranks eventually becoming Partner and President and CEO of the company. During my tenure and continuing today North Branch became an award winning company known for quality and performance.
Photography and woodworking took a backseat to family and work and now 40 years later in “Retirement” I am pursing my old interests with a passion. A love of boating, fishing, travel and most things outdoors blend well with photography. My artistic interests are multi-dimensional, eclectic and hopefully not stagnant.
Trying to capture a unique view of our world is difficult when virtually everyone has a camera. A pretty picture is common but photography as a work of Art is not. Countless hours and countless subjects and countless images are required to produce a special image that is truly a Work of Art. While an artist can paint or sculpt what his mind’s eye sees a photographer may see great images among chaos. Eliminating that chaos is the Art when the camera is all seeing. This is the challenge that motivates me and I hope my work expresses this vision to the viewer.